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Date Title Series Speaker
5/14/2017 What Do Moms Want?

Truth & Grace Nathan Karcesky
5/7/2017 What is a Woman's Role in the Church?

Truth & Grace Boyd Hannold
4/30/2017 Is Organized Religion Part of God's Plan?

Truth & Grace Steve Grusendorf
4/25/2017 Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Truth & Grace Boyd Hannold
4/16/2017 Easter

Together Boyd Hannold
4/9/2017 Our Source of Strength

Together Joshua Dean
4/2/2017 Take a Risk

2017 Global Outreach Guest Speaker
3/26/2017 How We Relate

Together Josh Conn
3/19/2017 Advancing the Gospel

Together John Stumbo
3/12/2017 How We Behave

Together Boyd Hannold
3/5/2017 Spiritual Maturity Matters

Together Steve Grusendorf
2/26/2017 How We Treat Others Part 2

Together Boyd Hannold
2/19/2017 How We Treat Others Part 1

Together Boyd Hannold
2/12/2017 How We Arrive

Together Joshua Dean
2/5/2017 Who We Are

Together Boyd Hannold
1/29/2017 Unity in the Church

weSERVE Steve Grusendorf
1/22/2017 Trust and Obey

2017 Global Outreach Nathan Karcesky
1/15/2017 Why We Go

2017 Global Outreach Boyd Hannold
1/8/2017 Service Reflects God's Heart

weSERVE Steve Grusendorf
1/1/2017 Behold the Lamb of God (John 1:9–13)

Illuminate Alex Chang
12/24/2016 Christmas Eve 2016 (John 1:9–13)

Illuminate Boyd Hannold
12/18/2016 The Word Needs a Witness (John 1:6–8)

Illuminate Dawie Koekemoer
12/11/2016 The Word is Life (John 1:4–5)

Illuminate Sean McLain
12/4/2016 The Word is God (John 1:1–3)

Illuminate Steve Grusendorf
11/27/2016 Hebrews 13: Jesus, our Helper

Like No Other Boyd Hannold
11/20/2016 Hebrews 12: Faith Includes Suffering

Like No Other Joshua Dean
11/13/2016 Hebrews 11: Faith Leads to Service

Like No Other Boyd Hannold
11/6/2016 Hebrews 10: Jesus, our Confidence

Like No Other Nathan Karcesky
10/30/2016 Hebrews 9: Jesus, our Perfect Sacrifice

Like No Other Boyd Hannold
10/23/2016 Hebrews 7–8: Jesus, our High Priest

Like No Other Jennifer Sheridan
10/16/2016 Hebrews 5–6: Jesus is Hope

Like No Other Boyd Hannold
10/12/2016 Hebrews 4: God's Promised Rest

Like No Other Steve Grusendorf
10/2/2016 Hebrews 3: Consider Jesus Today

Like No Other Joshua Dean
9/25/2016 Hebrews 2: Jesus is the Covenant

Like No Other Boyd Hannold
9/18/2016 Hebrews 1: Jesus is Better

Like No Other Nathan Karcesky
9/11/2016 Community of Hope

Community of Hope Boyd Hannold
9/4/2016 Don't Vote Without Knowledge

Choices Steve Grusendorf
8/28/2016 Don't Politicize Your Faith

Choices Steve Grusendorf
8/21/2016 Don't Demonize Your Opponent

Choices Boyd Hannold
8/14/2016 Guard Your Heart

Choices Sean McLain
8/7/2016 Revisioning

Recharge Boyd Hannold
7/31/2016 Relationships

Recharge Nathan Karcesky
7/24/2016 Recovery

Recharge Joshua Dean
7/17/2016 Rest

Recharge Shaun Sass
7/10/2016 Retreats

Recharge Steve Grusendorf
7/3/2016 The Martian

God at the Box Office 2016 Joshua Dean
6/26/2016 Bajrangi Bhaijaan

God at the Box Office 2016 Boyd Hannold
6/21/2016 Creed

God at the Box Office 2016 Dawie Koekemoer
6/12/2016 Inside Out

God at the Box Office 2016 Nathan Karcesky
6/5/2016 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

God at the Box Office 2016 Steve Grusendorf
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