Bringing God's hope to others around the globe is part of who we are. We believe a short-term mission is one of life's most worthwhile experiences. That's why we're offering 12 short-term mission opportunities to you this year. There's something for everyone: Young or older, families or individuals, stateside or overseas. Our 2018 Go Guide provides complete descriptions of each mission opportunity. Use it as you pray and ask God where He wants you to go this year.

Missions Go Guide
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Serving at-risk children
April 27–May 6 (adults/families)
August 3–13 (adults/families)

Dominican Republic

Serving marginalized families • Creative church planting
February 17–24 (men)
May 19–26 (adults/families)
July 14–21 (adults/families)

Creative church planting • Serving marginalized families
October 5–15 (adults)

Serving marginalized families
June 24–29 (high school students)
July 8–13 (middle school students)
Southeast Asia
Creative church planting • Serving at-risk children
May 3–13 (adults/families)
December 13–23 (adults/families)

Creative church planting • Serving at-risk children
July 26–August 6 (adults/families)
August 2–12 (adults)