Meet the Team

picture of Boyd Hannold
picture of Joshua Dean

Adult Ministries

picture of Steve Grusendorf
  • Steve Grusendorf
  • Spiritual Development Pastor
  • x49
picture of Jennifer Sheridan
picture of Hanna
  • Hanna Jefferson
  • Adult Ministries Coordinator
  • x27


picture of Kristen Bowen
picture of Lisa DeMarco
  • Lisa DeMarco
  • Communications Assistant
  • x14

Finance & Operations

picture of Bonnie Gay
picture of Jeff East
  • Jeff East
  • Facility Superintendent
  • x36
picture of Karyn Rivera
  • Karyn Rivera
  • Front Office Coordinator
  • x10

Global Outreach and Care

picture of Nathan Karcesky
  • Nathan Karcesky
  • Global Outreach and
    Care Pastor
  • x25
picture of Toni Campbell
  • Toni Campbell
  • He Cares We Care
    Ministry Manager
  • x11
picture of Bing Alfonso
  • Bing Alfonso
  • Global Outreach
    Ministry Coordinator
  • x20

PAC Kids Ministries

picture of Shaun Sass
picture of June Natoli
  • June Natoli
  • Kids Ministries Coordinator
  • x23
picture of Nicole Auker


picture of Loren Soto-Barrios
  • Loren Soto-Barrios
  • Promised Land Intern
  • x23

PAC Youth Ministries

picture of Dawie Koekemoer
  • Dawie Koekemoer
  • Youth Ministries Pastor
  • x47
picture of Beverly Beauchamp
  • Beverly Beauchamp
  • Youth Ministries Coordinator
  • x47

Worship Ministry

picture of Joel Koenigsberg
picture of Mike Richardson

Young Adults Ministry

picture of Alex Chang

2017 Summer Interns

picture of Hanna Davenport
picture of MaryAnn Gaikwad
picture of Hailey Mazuca
picture of Natalie Munoz
picture of Joba Odediran
  • Joba Odediran
  • He Cares We Care Intern
picture of Madeline Smith
picture of Annie Voltmer