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Truth & Grace

Jesus was full of grace and truth. For us, it's a balancing act. And sometimes the tough questions or issues in life make it seem impossible to manage the balance. As a church, we're the safe place to answer your tough questions, to learn how Biblical truth and God's grace work together, and to continue to apply both as we engage others in conversation.

Date Title Speaker
4/25/2017 Can You Lose Your Salvation? Boyd Hannold
4/30/2017 Is Organized Religion Part of God's Plan? Steve Grusendorf
5/7/2017 What is a Woman's Role in the Church? Boyd Hannold
5/14/2017 What Do Moms Want? Nathan Karcesky
5/21/2017 What is Salvation? Boyd Hannold
5/31/2017 Where is God in My Suffering? Steve Grusendorf
6/4/2017 What Does God Really Want for Me? Alex Chang