Weekly Programs

PAC Youth Ministries has specially designed its programs to meet needs, nurture growth and challenge the status quo. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation and understanding of how God is real and relevant. We want to help students understand faith and purposefully guide them toward their next step of faith, whether that involves accepting Christ as their Savior, choosing to be baptized or even taking steps toward ministry as they consider college and career choices. 

With these goals in mind, Ignite and Impact, for middle school and high school students respectively, offer relevant studies, discussions and accountability in like-gender small group settings. Refuel offers middle school students an age-appropriate, large-group, worship and teaching experience on Sunday mornings. 

For Middle School (6th-8th grade):
Ignite, small groups • Thursdays • 6:45–8:30 pm • Chapel
Ignite Sunday, large group • Sundays • 8:30, 10:00 & 11:30 am • Chapel

For High School (9th-12th grade):
Impact, small groups • Tuesdays • 7–9 pm • Chapel

In addition to these regular on-site programs, we offer a number of special events throughout the year including weekend retreats, lock-ins, our Hidden Homeless Weekend, Big Day of Service and more. 

All of our activities are intended to provide an inclusive group atmosphere where students can comfortably bring friends and make new ones. At one time or another we've all been "the new kid," so we expect our students to graciously host
and welcome those who are new to us.