Service & Outreach

We're committed to developing students who consistently put the needs of others first and show genuine concern for those outside of their immediate circle. We do this by intentionally pursuing opportunities to help and serve others and by widening our students' sphere of influence. Practically speaking, this means we engage them in service to the church, the community and the world. Participating in events like service and mission projects help us reinforce these values. It's not uncommon for students to make significant decisions of faith as a result of seeing the plight of others and responding through service. Visit our Youth Calendar or Youth Events for upcoming opportunities.

Jesus is our passion. We want to inspire students to be a witness to their faith. We want to build into their lives so their words, actions and choices reflect Him. We want to help our students see that as Christians, it's natural to feel genuinely burdened for the lost and those who are hurting. And we want to equip them to clearly and confidently share their faith with their friends when opportunities arise. That's what PAC Youth Ministries is about, and that's what you can expect.