2018 Bible Reading Plan

Read With Us
Praying and studying the Bible are critical to knowing Jesus. Again this year we're challenging you to make a commitment to talk and listen to God, and spend time reading His Word daily.


Go Mobile
We live in a mobile world. So what better way to provide you with everything you need to experience than to provide it in an app. It's FREE and compatible with Apple, Android and Windows phones as well as Apple, Android and Kindle Fire tablets. 

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Here's a brief overview of the app's four tabs and features.   
  1. Read: Provides text and audio versions of our 2018 Bible reading plan plus the whole Bible.
  2. Grow: Here's where you can access the weekly sermons and our small group resource.
  3. Connect: If you’re not yet part of a PAC small group, you can locate and connect to one.
  4. More: As a bonus we included the ability to give securely online and access the PAC website or Facebook page.

Share Your Feedback
Your input is important to us. We'd love to receive your feedback on how God is working in your life as we take this journey together. Email us at hello@princetonalliance.org.