Small Groups

Get Connected

At PAC, small groups are about getting connected and doing life together between Sundays. We believe your involvement in a small group is essential to living life to the fullest in Jesus. Why? Because we best learn and grow when we're encouraged and challenged by those who care about us.

Our small groups meet at the church and in homes all across the area throughout the week. Groups include four key elements: study, prayer, fellowship and service. Use our Find-a-Group feature to locate a group that's right for you. Search by ZIP code to find one in your area.

Email us or call 609.799.9000, x27.

Get Trained
Our small group leaders play a pivotal role in the spiritual growth of our church family. That means supporting and equipping these leaders is a high priority. Whether you're a brand new group leader or a seasoned veteran, this training will ensure you're ready to lead your group with excellence.

New Leader Training
If you're thinking about leading a small group, or you're already sure God's calling you to serve in this special area of ministry, let us know. We train our new small group leaders through one-on-one coaching sessions. Set up a coaching session. 

Questions? Email us.

Current Leader Training

We regularly schedule workshops to enrich your experience as a small group leader and develop community among those who serve in our Small Group Ministry. In preparation for the spring 2017 small group season, we're offering two workshops to help equip group leaders.

  1. “Leadership in the Mirror: Demonstrating Biblical Leadership in Your Group”
    Sunday, April 2 & Thursday, April 6
    Led by Pastor Steve Grusendorf and Matt Smith
    As you read through the Bible, you come across a variety of leadership styles. Some are bold and outspoken, while others are quiet and reserved. All are used by God. In this workshop, we’ll look at five unique leadership styles and offer you a chance to assess your own leadership style in light of biblical examples. Learn about the strengths and challenges of each style, and gain new perspectives on how to lead alongside others who may have a style that’s different from yours.  Sunday, April 2 | 4–6 pm | Room 203  Thursday, April 6 | 7–9 pm | Room 205

  2. “Just Like Family: 5 Essential Steps for Building Authentic Community”
    Sunday, April 9 & Thursday, April 13
    Led by Pastor Steve Grusendorf
    Tired of those long, awkward pauses when you pose a question to your group? Wish you could get your group to open up and share more freely? It’s easy to fall into the rut of “doing” small group when what you really want is to develop community. “Just Like Family” is designed to walk you through the five stages every small group must experience to enjoy true community. Learn about these stages, and build an action plan to stop doing small group and start being a family.  Sunday, April 9 | 1–3 pm | Room 203  Thursday, April 13 | 7–9 pm | Room 205

You’re welcome to bring a co-leader, apprentice, or someone you feel will benefit. Both workshops offer an overview of our new study, an update on small group vision, and opportunities to be invested in as a leader. Childcare and a meal are provided. Thanks for letting us know when you're coming by signing up.

Questions? Email us.