Study Plans

We want to help you find a study plan that suits your needs and interests, and meets you where you are in your walk with Christ. Following are several suggestions.

  • Inductive Bible Study
    The Inductive Bible Study method is designed to help you correctly observe, accurately interpret and personally apply passages of Scripture by asking a series of simple yet probing questions.
    Download the Inductive Bible Study Method in .pdf format.
    Offers over 50 available Bible studies organized by Whole Bible, Topical, Partial Bible, Devotional and Youth plans. Plans range from one week to one year in length. Offers summaries of each plan and provides ways to track your progress online, invite a friend to serve as an accountability partner, and sync your plan to mobile devices. To access study plans at, click Bible on the menu bar, then click Reading Plans on the drop-down list.
    Offers six different plans to help you read through the Bible in a year, organized by Book Order, Chronological, Old and New Testament plans and more. To access study plans at, click Bible Study on the menu bar, then click Reading Plans on the drop-down list. 
    Offers 11 different plans and includes studies in 34 languages. To access study plans at, click Reading Plans on the left-hand menu.