Thanksgiving Blessing Boxes

Bringing Hope to Families in Need

The holidays can be particularly difficult for families struggling to make ends meet. Our He Cares We Care Ministry is committed to standing in the gap and bringing hope to those local families—particularly households led by single moms—that would otherwise go without this Thanksgiving.

How Can You Help?

This Thanksgiving, we're giving Blessing Boxes, filled with all the necessary sides to prepare a holiday meal, to our Pantry families. That's where you come in as a blessing to a family in need.

You can help us in three ways. The biggest need is purchasing the list of items and bringing them to the church before Sunday, November 12. You can also help box the items from 4pm–5:30pm and/or deliver them to families from 5:30pm–7pm on Sunday, November 19.

Interested in serving? Click the button below for complete details.

Questions? Email us.