About PAC Youth

PAC Youth creates experiences that lead middle school and high school students to a deep, personal relationship with God; provide a sense of community (this is where I fit and belong); and bring hope to others through service. We want our youth to know and believe the truth that a life lived to the fullest in Jesus is not only available to them but is what Jesus Himself desires most for them.  

As we embrace this mission and vision, we see it come to fruition through: 

            • Passionate Worship

            • Relevant Teaching

            • Authentic Community

            • Selfless Serving

            • Intentional Outreach

Our regularly scheduled programs as well as our special events include and reinforce these principles. All of our activities are intended to provide an inclusive group atmosphere where teens can comfortably bring friends and make new ones. At one time or another we've all been "the new kid," so we expect our students to graciously host and welcome those who are new to us.

PAC Youth is led by PAC Youth Ministry Leader Kevin Namur, along with a team of committed volunteer leaders. All are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with the next generation. All have been screened and trained to work with middle school and high school students. 

If you have questions, email us or call 609.799.9000 x47.