Global Outreach

As the hands and feet of Christ, we're invested in God's mission to meet both spiritual and physical needs around the globe.

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For us, it's all about bringing hope.

There are places all around the globe where children are growing up without parents, where entire families are marginalized because of poverty, where young boys and girls are stripped of their freedom and future. These places without hope are places where the church needs to be. For us, it's all about bringing hope. It's our goal to invest in and empower our strategic ministry partners in Brazil, Dominican Republic, India, Southeast Asia and Thailand.

We serve globally through short-term mission experiences to those fields and others, with a missions focus on three specific areas: at-risk children, marginalized families and creative church planting. We believe you are part of God's plan to bring Jesus' hope around the world.

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2018 Trips


Serving at-risk children

April 27–May 6, 2018 (individuals & families)
August 3–13, 2018 (individuals & families)

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Dominican Republic

Serving Marginalized Families
Creative church planting

February 17–24, 2018 (men)
May 19–26, 2018 (individuals & families)
July 14–21, 2018 (individuals & families)

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Creative Church planting

October 5–15, 2018 (adults)

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Burtonsville, MD

Serving marginalized families

June 24–29, 2018 (high schoolers)
July 8–13, 2018 (middle schoolers)

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Southeast Asia

Creative Church planting
Serving at-risk children

May 3–13, 2018 (individuals & families)
December 13–23, 2018 (individuals & families)

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Serving at-risk children

July 26–August 6, 2018 (individuals & families)
August 2–12, 2018 (adults)

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Is God asking you to Go?

There's a place for you on one of our short-term teams. You were designed to bring hope and make a difference around the world!

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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

Matthew 28:19-20

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a valid passport to apply for an international short-term mission trip?

No, you do not need one to apply. However, you will need a valid passport for international travel, and valid passport information must be provided before your airline ticket can be purchased. The passport process can take six to eight weeks. For your passport to be considered "valid" it must not expire for a full six months after your return date.

Why do I need to give you my Social Security number?

If you are over 18 years of age, your Social Security number is necessary for the completion of a background check. This number will be kept secure and confidential.

Why is a background check required?

Nearly all of our mission teams minister to or interact with children. The Christian & Missionary Alliance and Princeton Alliance Church require background checks for anyone who works with children, here or abroad. Background check information will be kept secure and confidential.

Must I be a member of Princeton Alliance Church to go on a PAC short-term mission?

No. However, you must be available to attend all training and team-building sessions with your team. Please note that only those who regularly attend PAC are eligible for any available scholarships.

Why does my fitness level matter?

Some of our missions are easier than others, both in terms of the team's project and the destination itself. We try to assure there is something that everyone can do on every mission, but not all travel conditions are equal. Team leaders are excellent resources. If you have questions about your ability to handle anticipated challenges, the team's leader can assess the situation and advise you.

Why do you care if I'm a vegetarian, celiac or diabetic?

We want to ensure everyone has a positive mission experience including our hosts on the field. When we are in situations where our hosts are preparing meals, we need to be gracious. Most dietary concerns can be addressed if they have been identified in advance. Your team leader can discuss your dietary restrictions with you and seek a solution that will help you maintain your health and nourishment without creating team discord.

Does it matter if my health insurance doesn't cover me outside of the United States?

No. We purchase international travel policies for each of our mission team members. The cost of this policy is included in the cost of the trip.

What besides submitting the application is required to apply?

A $100 deposit is required with your application. The deposit confirms your commitment to serve and is applied to your trip expense. The deposit is refundable only if PAC is unable to provide a position on a team.

What if I want to pay my deposit by check instead of credit/debit card?

If you prefer to pay by check, call the church office at 609.799.9000 x20 for a payment code to use online.

What happens after I submit my application? What's next?

Once your application is received, we'll complete your background check. You may be contacted for an interview, and your references will be checked. Upon completion of this process, you will be informed of your status on the team.

Still have questions? Email us or call 609.799.9000 x20