Dominican Republic

As the hands and feet of Christ, we're invested in God's mission to meet both spiritual and physical needs in the Dominican Republic.

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Cost: $1,600

($1,050 if eligible for PAC subsidy)
Cost includes airfare, meals, lodging, transportation and ministry supplies.

About the Region

Santiago, Dominican Republic, plays an important role as a cultural, industrial and economic center in the country. The picturesque beauty of the country naturally lends itself to a growing tourism industry. Although it is also a leading exporter of sugar, rum, textiles, and cigars, poverty is pervasive and the majority of citizens live in hardship. There’s a wide disparity between economic classes as the wealthiest 10% of the population accounts for nearly 40% of the national income. Upward mobility is difficult despite free education, as many children must work to supplement the family income. Acquiring basics such as clean drinking water, food, and appropriate housing are daily challenges for many.

About the Ministry

Mission TwentyFive35 is a ministry whose founders have a deeply rooted relationship with PAC and the Dominican Republic. Missionaries Rick and Tammie Romano work closely with the national churches of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Ministering to marginalized families in the lower class, they share the hope of Jesus by offering resources needed to purify drinking water. Through these efforts, they actively support and seek to plant churches.  

Team Projects

Team projects include but are not limited to assisting with construction at a water filtration plant, building and expanding local church facilities, and constructing and repairing homes for families in need. There are also opportunities conducting kids’ day camps, working with children at an orphanage, helping the elderly at a nursing home, serving those who work at a landfill, and spending time with children in the cancer ward of a city hospital.

PAC-Supported Missionaries

While each short-term team raises the expenses related to the work of the team, contributions to the Global Ministry Fund help support the ongoing ministry needs of our missionary partners, Rick & Tammie Romano and their daughters Rebekah, Abby, and Moriah. 

Prayer Requests
  • God’s wisdom for the direction of Mission TwentyFive35 and the Romanos.
  • Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading in working with the leadership of the national C&MA churches.
  • Continued relationships with the government as the ministry farm becomes a trade school
  • The beginning of a boys home at the farm
  • Protection and safety for all the teams that serve throughout the year