Pray. Give. Go.

Our intentional and sacrificial response to God's global mission.

As a church, we've embraced Jesus' Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-19) and have accepted God's call to cross-culturally share the Gospel. We do this with a global ministry focus on at-risk children, marginalized families, and creative church planting.

This means we partner with organizations, roll up our sleeves and help:

  • Prevent the exploitation and trafficking of children
  • Provide food, housing and nurturing environments to orphans
  • Assist families in crisis due to poverty or natural disaster
  • Creatively launch new churches in places in need of the Gospel

We do it together.

Everyone who attends PAC has the opportunity to help change the world by praying, giving and going. 

  • PRAY: Faithfully pray for our global partners using a monthly email update as your guide. Our Prayer Goal: 1,000 people praying.

  • GIVE: Ask God what he wants you to give this year, above your regular contributions, in support of our global partnerships around the world. Our Giving Goal: $450,000.

  • GO: Ask God where He wants you to go to serve those in need as you grow in your faith. We're offering many short-term missions this year. Our Go Goal: 250 people serving on teams.

What's Your Next Step?