As the hands and feet of Christ, we're invested in God's mission to meet both spiritual and physical needs in Thailand.

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Cost: $3,000

($2,250 if eligible for PAC subsidy – $1,500 for eligible first-timers)
All subsidies require an additional application. Cost includes airfare, meals, lodging, transportation and ministry supplies.

About the Region

Thailand is a culturally vibrant country at the center of the Indochinese peninsula in mainland Southeast Asia. By size, it is slightly larger than Spain. It is bordered by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, the Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia, and the Andaman Sea. Although there is no official state religion in the Thai constitution, Buddhism is practiced by close to 95% of the people. It’s considered a newly industrialized country with an emerging economy. Bangkok is the capital and most populated city with 8 million residents within city limits and another 14 million in the surrounding metropolitan area. According to the United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime, Thailand (and Bangkok’s Red Light districts in particular) is a hub for human trafficking and child prostitution.

About the Ministry

Our teams partner with two organizations in Thailand: Remember Nhu and the C&MA's Envision Bangkok. Through our partnerships with these organizations, we meet physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs. Our work with Remember Nhu is focused on at-risk children and the prevention of trafficking, while our work with the Envision supports creative church planting efforts.  

Team Projects

Team 1 will travel north to Chiang Mai to partner with Remember Nhu, an organization committed to the prevention of child trafficking. Team 2 will partner with Envision Bangkok to offer relational ministry to university students. 

PAC-Supported Missionaries

While each short-term team raises the expenses related to the work of the team, contributions to the Global Ministry Fund help support the ongoing ministry needs of our C&MA missionary partners Tou Lee & Tang Thao and our Remember Nhu partner, Arlene Sengstack.

Prayer Requests
  • Successful ministry to Bangkok university students and the Red Light districts
  • Each year brings new challenges in Bangkok. Please keep the Tong's in prayer as they navigate the changes
  • Remember Nhu as it continues to expand in its efforts to rescue more children from prostitution and slavery
  • Safety for the children who are brought to the RN orphanage