Disabilities Ministry

Creating and facilitating a place of inclusion and accessibility within the church for individuals and families with disabilities.


It is our mission to:

  • Create a culture of inclusion and acceptance within the walls of the church. 

  • Work with all of the ministry leaders on ways to include those with additional needs into their specific ministry. 

  • Equip individuals with disabilities with a place to grow in their faith in Jesus and provide a safe place for them to belong.

How Can We Serve You?

Please feel free to email Pastor Tanya with any questions or concerns at  

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Disability Accommodation Form

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•  The national average for individuals with Autism is 1 in 54, but New Jersey has the highest rate in the nation, with 1 in 32 children having Autism.

•  68% of Jesus’ miracles would have been with people who we would consider disabled. 

•  The Deaf population is one of the least reached people groups with the gospel. Only 2-4% of the Deaf population is reached with the gospel in the United States.

Serving Opportunities

One-on-One Buddy
Is paired with an individual who has specific needs and or a disability. The one-on-one buddy serves to meet the needs of a child on a Sunday morning while their family is able to attend church.

There are multiple ways to serve at a respite night: one-on-one buddy, sign in, set-up, clean-up, serve food, monitor/ facilitate a room, and create care packages for parents.

Pray for the disability ministry at PAC. Pray for volunteers, people with disabilities to be known here/have their needs met, the Lord to establish the ministry, and that we will be known by our compassion.


Frequently Asked Questions

My child has special needs/disability. What are my next steps?

Please fill out the Disability Accommodation Assessment. This will help us to understand your child’s needs and help us to know if we are able to accommodate your child into specific programs that PAC offers.

What options are available for my child?

PAC Kids with a one-on-one buddy, youth ministry, and volunteering/serving.

What resources do you have for parents?

We are going to have a Community Group for parents with children with disabilities and child care will be provided. We will also be hosting a respite night for families in the spring to allow parents time and space for themselves.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

This ministry would not be possible without volunteers. We have multiple opportunities to volunteer with people with disabilities to helping parents with administrative work and more.

What and when is the Respite Night?

The respite night serves to provide rest to caregivers of children with disabilities. It is a night that is created with people with disabilities in mind with the purpose of giving their caregivers rest or the opportunity to go out.

What can you not accommodate?

We want to be honest that we are not able to accommodate or meet every child’s needs. We are excited for the potential this ministry has to grow over time. With that being said, at this time, we are not able to accommodate children/adults with medical conditions or need medication, who can not handle an inclusion approach.