PAC Kids helps families know God and grow in relationship with Him.

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We create engaging environments where our youngest worshippers can experience God.

Partnering with Families

As a parent, each day you have the privilege of pointing your kids toward Jesus. We want to partner with your family as you do that and help spiritual conversations with your kids become a natural part of your family life. With Deuteronomy 6:5–7 as a guide, our goal is to partner with you as you lead your kids into a lifelong relationship with Jesus.

Sunday Programs

A Safe, Nurturing Experience

For infants through 5th graders, Sunday mornings are focused on spiritual, emotional and physical care. Age-appropriate activities include Bible teaching, worship, prayer and a unique small group learning experience. We take your child's safety very seriously, too! 

Your First Visit

You'll be warmly greeted at our check-in kiosks, whether in the Promised Land (infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers) or at Crosswalk (Kindergarten–5th graders). There your child will get a name tag, and you'll receive a matching tag required for pick-up. As your child is welcomed to their group, you can rest easy and enjoy worship in the Sanctuary. Don't worry. You're only a text or phone call away if a need arises.

Frequently Asked Questions




 Promised Land (Pre-K)
Sundays | 8:30, 10:00 & 11:30 am

Promised Land is our Sunday morning ministry for the youngest members of the church—infants and preschoolers. In this safe and caring environment we pray for your kids, share Bible stories, learn memory verses, sing songs and engage in age-appropriate activities that excite and inspire.


 Crosswalk (K thru 5)

Sundays | 8:30, 10:00 & 11:30 am | Great Room

Crosswalk is our Sunday morning ministry for kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Here, kids participate in a lively worship time, learn about God through a Bible story, and break into grade-specific small groups for conversation and prayer. Our dedicated leaders build relationships that last so your kids can grow in their most important relationship: the one they have with Jesus.

 Baby Dedications

Your child is a gift from God. A dedication is a commitment you and the church family make together to share in the spiritual growth of your son or daughter. It's a promise to model Jesus to your child and to show him or her what it means to be connected to the church community. We look forward to partnering with you in this special celebration. 


Have a heart for kids?

We'd love to hear your story and see how God can use you in the lives of kids.

Opportunities to Serve


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make sure my child is safe?

We require background checks for all volunteers 18 and over who serve kids. All volunteers are knowledgeable about caring for children with different needs and are trained in how to handle specific emergency procedures. 

What if my child has allergies?

Let us know about your child's food or environmental allergies, and we'll make sure he or she is properly cared for. Our Promised Land is a peanut and tree nut free zone. We appreciate you sharing any information that can help us take better care of your kids.

How can I help reinforce what my child is learning from PAC Kids?

Talk with your kids. Find out what they learned and ask them how it applies to the week ahead. Also, you can request a take-home sheet outlining the story and theme that was discussed on Sunday.  

“Can I come back next week?”

 As we watch happy kids leave on Sunday mornings, this is the question we most frequently overhear them ask their parents. Join us Sunday.

How will you notify me if my child needs me?

When you drop off your child, you will be asked to provide a cell phone number that we can text or call, should we need to notify you of any questions or concerns during service. A volunteer will match parents and children by the ID sticker received at check-in.

What if I have to leave service early? Is there a place I can watch the rest of the service?

The cry room is located at the top of the spiral staircase just inside the glass doors where you can watch the remainder of service in a family-friendly environment.

How can I connect if I'm expecting a new baby?

If you are a new parent, expecting a baby, adopting or know someone who is, please contact us! We would love to be praying for you and helping you prepare for your new little one. If you need help in the adjustment phase, we're here to help!

Still have questions? Email us or call 609.799.9000 x23


Summer Camp
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule?
Each morning, we will stream through the following: Opening Service, Bible Time, Science, Craft, Missions, Music, Snack, Zoom Discussions, and Closing Service.

What if we are not available in the morning?
You can stream the videos at your own pace, although the Zoom meetings will only be available at their scheduled times.

What do we need to complete the activities?
For those who register by July 19th, a Camp Kit will be available for pick up at the church with the supplies needed to participate in our interactive activities such as Bible Time, Music, and Crafts. We will also supply a list of recommended supplies if you would like your child to participate in any of our science experiments or snack recipes.

What if I can’t pick up the Camp kit?
You can email us at to see if we can coordinate someone else who may be able to pick up your kit. Otherwise, we will email you the list of supplies that you can purchase on your own.

What if I didn’t register in time to reserve a kit?
We will email you a list of supplies that you can purchase on your own.

How much is it to register?
Camp is FREE!

What if I have multiple children?
Make sure each child is registered individually so that they can each receive their own Camp Kit. We have purposefully scheduled Zooms based on grades at different times so that each child can participate. If you have children in close grades or the same grade, we recommend they participate together in the Zoom.

When will I get the Zoom links?
The links will be emailed to you a week before Camp.

Can my preschooler join?
Your preschooler can watch the videos online, but all the content will be best suited for those who have completed kindergarten to fifth grade.

Can my middle schooler join?
Your middle schooler can watch the videos online, but all the content will be best suited for those who have completed kindergarten to fifth grade.

What if I attend another church?
You can still register with us! You can also let your church know that you are joining our Camp so we can partner with them to make sure your child receives the best follow up and care throughout Camp and after!

Can we “bring a friend” like we did in the past?
Yes! We would love for your child to “bring a friend”. You can send the friend our link and indicate that they were referred to by a friend. Remember, the kits are only guaranteed for those registered by July 19th!

How can I help?
Volunteer registration will open on our site on Sunday, June 28th. We have limited volunteer opportunities this year and most of the help will be preparation for Camp.

Are you selling t-shirts this year?
Since we will not be hosting Camp inside of our church building, we will be unable to coordinate t-shirt sales this year.

Where can I get a CD of the Camp music?
The CDs will be in the Camp Kits this year. If you are unable to receive the Camp Kit and you would like to make sure your family receives a CD, email us!

I have another question not on here.
Contact us directly! or (609) 799-9000 x18.