Governing Board Selection


Nominations for the PAC Governing Board are now closed. Candidates can be male or female, must not be related to current staff or Board members, and must meet the requirements below to be considered. Prior to submitting your nomination, please first speak to your nominee to ensure he or she is interested in serving.

Submit your nominee by December 22. Interviews will be conducted by the recently-elected Nominating Team: Boyd Hannold, Dave Coder, Kathy Davenport, Bob Lally, and Ellen Richardson. Their selection will be ratified at the Annual Meeting on February 9.

To receive an interview, a candidate must:

  • Know Jesus Christ as his or her Savior and display an obvious love for the church and its people.
  • Be spiritually mature, with a strong knowledge of the Bible and a life that demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit.
  • Be trustworthy and able to maintain discretion.
  • Be a member of the church.
  • Show evidence of having tithed for a reasonable period at the church.
  • Be actively involved in at least one church ministry.
  • Commit to attend at least 9 of the 12 scheduled each year during the term of 3 years. 
  • Commit to attend a majority of unscheduled meetings.

Ideally, a candidate:

  • Portrays servant leadership and a humble personality.
  • Demonstrates practical wisdom including the prioritization of his or her family.
  • Demonstrates active listening skills.
  • Is able to wisely compromise.
  • Is a problem solver.
  • Has no social or commercial conflict of interest.
  • Has served in a leadership position at a church.
  • Is able to read and understand financial reports.

Board Member Expectations
As a Board member, a candidate would:

  • Approve and oversee the church’s vision, mission and goals.
  • Provide financial oversight through management of the church’s resources.
  • Provide accountability through performance evaluations of Lead Pastor.
  • Adhere to the church’s articles of incorporation, bylaws and operating policies, and amend them as needed.
  • Ensure ethical and legal integrity of the board and senior staff.
  • Remain objective and impartial in his or her voting decisions.
  • Prepare for and attend at least 9 of the 12 scheduled annual meetings.
  • Prepare for and attend a majority of unscheduled meetings.

Current Governing Board:

  • David Antony
  • Aaron Bhadra
  • Heather Brooke-Ryan
  • Dave Coder
  • Kathy Davenport
  • Boyd Hannold
  • George Huang
  • Josh Kezele
  • James Lin

Questions? Email us.