It is our desire to bring glory to God by meeting needs both inside and outside the church. Simply put, serving others is part of who we are.

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To belong means to be accepted and included, as one with a purpose. At PAC, serving others is something we do together, with Jesus as our model (Mark 10:45). It's part of who we are. We believe everyone has something special to contribute, and when we serve others––with friends at our side––we experience what it means to belong as we grow in faith and discover our purpose. 

Below are very practical ways you can be involved in the life of PAC.


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Opportunities to Serve



Volunteer Being Friendly

Help our church family by handing out our weekly update, finding seats in the Sanctuary and receiving the offering. No experience necessary. Frequency: 2 times per month for 1.5 hours.


Volunteer Being Friendly

Offer a warm welcome to the church family as they enter the building. No experience necessary, but a friendly smile is required. Frequency: 2 times per month for 30 minutes. Spiritual Gifts: Serving Exhortation Apostleship Interested?

PAC Kids Greeter

Volunteer Helping Kids

Assist and welcome families checking their children into Promised Land and Crosswalk on Sunday mornings. No experience necessary but a background check is required. Frequency: 1–4 Sundays per month for 75 minutes.  Spiritual Gifts...

Sanctuary Prep Team

Volunteer Keeping Us Connected

Help us keep the pew racks stocked and tidy for Sunday mornings. Frequency: 1–2 hours weekly. (The team typically gathers on Wednesday night but we're flexible). Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Serving, Mercy.

Thanksgiving Event Volunteer

Volunteer Caring for Those in Need

We're bringing hope to local families in need—particularly households led by single moms—by providing Blessing Boxes, filled with the necessary sides to prepare a holiday meal, to our Pantry families. You can help in three ways. Purchase items...

High School Small Group Leader

Volunteer Youth Ministries

Build into the lives of a small group of high school students by supporting, encouraging, equipping and teaching them. No experience necessary but a background check is required. Frequency: 2.5 hours weekly, Tuesday night. Spiritual...