It is our desire to bring glory to God by meeting needs both inside and outside the church. Simply put, serving others is part of who we are.

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To belong means to be accepted and included, as one with a purpose. At PAC, serving others is something we do together, with Jesus as our model (Mark 10:45). It's part of who we are. We believe everyone has something special to contribute, and when we serve others––with friends at our side––we experience what it means to belong as we grow in faith and discover our purpose. 

Below are very practical ways you can be involved in the life of PAC.


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Opportunities to Serve


Financial Intake Assistant

Volunteer Caring for Those in Need

Compassionately walk prospective He Cares We Care clients through the process of qualifying for care services. Involves personally meeting with prospective clients, explaining the care services we provide, helping individuals complete paperwork...

Lyrics Operator

Volunteer Creating Worship Experiences

Operate a computer system to synchronize lyrics, Scripture and video within our worship services. Visual design and general technology experience necessary; ability to focus amidst distractions a must. Frequency: Sundays, once monthly for 3...

Audio Technician

Volunteer Creating Worship Experiences

Operate PAC's audio systems to bring clarity and artistry to the worship services. General technology and music background helpful; ability to multi-task helpful. Frequency: Sundays, once monthly for 3 services.  Spiritual Gifts...

Connection Specialist

Volunteer Being Friendly

Provide appropriate next steps for attendees seeking further opportunities for service. A solid understanding of each PAC ministry is required. Frequency: Sundays, 1-2 times per month at the Welcome/Connection Center and during Special...

Data Processor

Volunteer Keeping Us Connected

Maintain PAC's online database. Excellent administrative skills and attention to detail required. Frequency: Varies, during weekday office hours. Spiritual Gifts: Administration Discernment Leadership Interested?

Welcome Writer

Volunteer Keeping Us Connected

Prepare handwritten cards to newcomers, welcoming them to PAC. Neat handwriting required. Frequency: Mondays, 3–5pm and/or Tuesdays, 10am–12pm Spiritual Gifts: Administration Discernment Exhortation Interested?

Cafe Team

Volunteer Being Friendly

Provide a welcoming experience in the Café on Sundays by setting up our coffee service, tidy up the counters as needed between services and/or clean up after services. Frequency: Sundays, two times each month. One hour before first service...

Volunteer Hospitality Host

Volunteer Being Friendly

Provide a refreshing experience for our Sunday morning volunteers. Setup and host our volunteer suite, refresh the supplies, and clean up after services. Frequency: Sundays, two times each month. Prep begins at 7am. Team members can serve through...