It is our desire to bring glory to God by meeting needs both inside and outside the church. Simply put, serving others is part of who we are.

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Stephen Minister

Caring for Those in Need

Becoming a Stephen Minister is a life-transforming experience—an opportunity to serve God, help others, and grow in faith. Stephen Ministers are congregation members equipped and commissioned for caring ministry. They walk alongside a hurting person to provide one-to-one, emotional and spiritual care—listening, empathizing, encouraging, helping process feelings, and connecting the person with God’s love. Stephen Ministers provide care for people in the congregation or community who are experiencing difficulties in life, such as grief, job loss, divorce, major illness, spiritual struggles, and so on. 

Stephen Ministers make an initial two-year commitment, which includes 50 hours of initial training. Many Stephen Ministers find this ministry so fulfilling that they renew their commitment and continue serving for many more years.

Frequency of serving: Care givers meet once-weekly, in-person with their care receiver plus occasional texts or calls between meetings. Care givers also attend a supervision meeting once monthly for enrichment. support and continuing education.

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