2023 Bible Reading Plans

A plan for everyone. In one place.

Choose your plan length 

We’ve curated three different YouVersion Bible App Plans, so you can find a plan that works best for you and your friends.

The 1-Year Plan

A full year through Scripture as illustrated by The BibleProject team.


The 3-Month Plan

A BibleProject plan that covers the Gospel books.


The 1-Month Plan

Read through the Book of Proverbs in 32 days with insightful illustrations from The BibleProject.



Why 3 Plans?

It’s the best of both worlds: a year-long plan for those that want it, but with two other plans for those who are working through different plans already or are starting mid-year.

Are there printable versions of the plans?

A digital PDF version of the one-year plan is available here. Please use this copy to print. (Note: This version has a column listing certain Psalms. This isn't included in the plan on the Bible app.)

Why aren't we using the PAC app?

Great question! We love the fact that so many people already have the Bible app. It's an app that has been installed more than 300 million times and can be accessed in an internet browser. Plans can be read as a group, allowing for shared comments and much more. Beyond that, the PAC app is being discontinued in 2023.

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