Current Series

Grow, Serve, Belong

From "In the beginning" in Genesis to the last "Amen" in Revelation, join us as we follow all the accounts of God's Word as they occurred chronologically.


There is one message, and only one message, that will bring people to realize the forgiveness of sin and life to the fullest in Jesus.  And that message is called the gospel– the finished work of Christ on the cross and his life giving resurrection.  

God at the Box Office 2018

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about the movies? Can His truth be found at the theater? "God at the Box Office" attempts to answer these questions. We don't preach the film nor do we even recommend viewing it. We simply try to understand the values communicated and then hold them up to the light of Biblical truth. Sometimes we're surprised by what we learn.

Reading, Understanding, Applying 2 Corinthians

Let's explore five themes from this letter to have a better understanding of affliction, reconciliation, generosity, having hope and not losing heart, and being light in an age of darkness.


How does the Bible stack up against some of the world’s most accepted disciplines like history, philosophy, science, and the arts? Is it accurate and true? This series will give you a greater respect for God’s Scriptures. And it will hopefully help you trust the Word of God.

Easter 2018

What if the Resurrection didn't happen? What does it mean for our faith that it did?

Reading, Understanding, Applying: Ruth

This is primarily a story of God’s faithfulness in the life of a woman who has lost everything of worldly value. No, it isn’t Ruth. The woman’s name is Naomi. Ruth becomes the greatest demonstration of God in Naomi’s life. But Ruth is not all that God provides.


This is a series about the unfinished work of God in establishing His Church. It's not a flaw in His design but a determination in His purpose. Until Jesus returns, God isn't finished with you, us or the world. It's a series about the great design of God in establishing the Church and more specifically, how He is creating and leading us at PAC.

PAC Weekends

We exist to help you discover life the fullest in Jesus, and we do that by knowing God, developing community, and bringing hope.

Unlikely Story

This Christmas, we'll focus on Matthew's account of the birth of Jesus. The very idea of God sending His Son to be born as a man is an incredible account. That account is amplified through the writing of Matthew into the most unlikely story. An unlikely but approachable story that draws us into the unique details. Join us for this fresh look at the familiar story you hear each Christmas.