Current Series

Community Engagement

Twelve Minutes

The Bible is a book that has endured centuries. Made up of 66 books that are grouped mainly by genre, such as narratives, laws, poetry, and letters, these are usually read in bits and pieces. Together, let's take twelve minutes every day to read the accounts of God's Word as they occurred chronologically. Each week's message will be in reference to one of the passages from our PAC Bible Reading Plan.

Grow, Serve, Belong

From "In the beginning" in Genesis to the last "Amen" in Revelation, join us as we follow all the accounts of God's Word as they occurred chronologically.

Thrill of Hope: The Weary World Rejoices

Christmas reminds us that Jesus is the Thrill of Hope that the weary world rejoices in. Let us rejoice in His birth by remembering who He is: the Savior, the Sanctifier, the Healer, and our Coming King.

Us for God

It was Apostle Paul who God used to reveal the deep commitment of His love for us. Join us as we continue with Paul's letters and learn how we can respond to God's unceasing love.

God for Us

Join us as we read through Romans 8 and marvel at how nothing will separate us from God's love.

Wait What?

Join us as we learn and understand different parts of the Bible that make us go... WAIT WHAT?

Celebrations of the Christian Calendar

The celebration of Pentecost commemorates the arrival of the Holy Spirit, the helper Jesus promised would come after his ascension. Trinity Sunday is celebrated to give the church a fuller understanding of the Triune God;  God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. What did these events mean to the early believers in Jesus’ day? What purpose did they serve? Are they still relevant today?

Reading, Understanding, Applying: Amos

A prophecy of personal, social, and theological ills existing not only in the larger world of the prophet of the same name but in his own country of Judah and neighboring Israel. As we look at the specific sins that are addressed, you will be shocked at the cruelty of them but you may also feel how relevant this is for today. Learn with us. 

Easter 2019

We celebrate the greatest one-time event that ever happened. But that one event has unlimited influence in every life ever born. Jesus lives today!  There is no statement of hope more powerful than this. We can die to sin and live for God because He lives. We can be free from bondage because He lives. We can escape despair because He lives. We can be loved by Jesus today, right now, because He lives today, right now. 

The Prayer Series

The Prayer Series will address lies and truths about prayer.  Each week we will look at a false notion about prayer that is oftentimes used as an excuse to avoid praying. Then we will study the Scriptural truth that contradicts that lie. So in response to the list above, these messages are not purposed to make you feel guilty. We believe we will all learn something new. We know that God wants to take us on a journey with Him that is anything from boring. And truth be told, we could take more than four weeks to study the Word of God on this topic. 

Please listen to what the Holy Spirit says to you personally about how to overcome the lies and practice the truth about prayer. Because we believe prayer is the primary work of God's people.