Current Series

Grow, Serve, Belong

From "In the beginning" in Genesis to the last "Amen" in Revelation, join us as we follow all the accounts of God's Word as they occurred chronologically.

Like No Other

Unparalleled. Unsurpassed. Unmatched.
Jesus is God. Jesus is man.
Jesus died, yet Jesus lives.
Jesus is like no other.

Community of Hope

We are a church that chooses love over fear, community over isolation and blessing over cursing. 


We're called to reflect the nature and characteristics of God's Kingdom.


Focus on experiencing the full power of the Holy Spirit to be recharged and bring hope to others.

God at the Box Office 2016

Using recent films, identify where society's beliefs and values intersect with and deviate from God's truth.  

Hope Unleashed

Obediently respond to God's call to unleash hope in fresh, new ways, personally and within the local church.

One World

God's mission is for everyone. This is his "One World," and we are called to bring hope. 

Hope Restored

Your life has an impact on others. Be equipped to share Jesus’ hope. 


Listen to the Spirit and follow His lead. Simplify the demands of your life in ways that honor God.