Text to Give

With your smart phone simply text the dollar amount to 609.251.4546
Here’s how it works

The first time you text, you’ll receive a reply that says: “Please complete this one-time registration to submit your gift.” 

Once you enter your name and your credit or debit card billing information, you’ll receive a confirmation that your registration is active. You’ll also receive a follow up text saying, “Your giving was successful. Thank you for your generosity.”

Registration is a one-time process. Thereafter, you need only text your donation amount. It’s even easier if you save the number in your phone as PAC Text to Give.

Designate Funds

If you text only a monetary value, the funds are attributed to the PAC Local Ministry Fund. But you can also designate a fund in your text. Our funds are:

1. Local Ministry Fund
2. Global Ministry Fund

You can text $ Local or $ GlobalIf you abbreviate or if the fund name you texted doesn’t match an option in the list above, you’ll receive a message with a numbered list of fund names. Just reply with the number of the fund you’d like to select.

Text Edit to enter new credit/debit card information.

It’s easy, secure and convenient. Give it a try.

Questions? Email Us